UN ConGo Refugee Crisis



The UN refugee agency says that $508 million is needed to support more than 800,000 Congolese refugees in surrounding countries, as well as the some 540,000 refugees from the Central African Republic, South Sudan and other countries who have fled into DRC.

Here is an excerpt of Filipo Grandi interview with

“GRANDI: It’s difficult because Africa is far away. You know Africa is the– is the continent that is perhaps the furthest away from the rich countries. And in an era of mobility when refugees become visible when they come at the doorstep of rich countries, it’s more difficult for people who don’t get to that doorstep and remain refugees or displaced far away.

BRENNAN: They’re not seen.

GRANDI: They’re not seen, they’re invisible. And Africa has never been at the center of the strategic interest of the big powers unfortunately. Although of course there are many important interests there as well. So it is more difficult to make the case for African refugees but I would argue that it should be equally compelling. I think it’s a fundamental message that I’d like to leave behind for those who listen, those who watch, is remember that refugees are not a threat and should not be seen as a threat. Refugees are people that are fleeing from unimaginable threats.”


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